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Laptop Battery Tester Training

Laptop Battery Tester�Inseparable Laptop component Rendered by Expert Chip Tech

Now a days professionals survival depends on the laptop. Laptops became the key for the success of any project. Global connectivity has now become easier with the help of and laptop. For IT professionals, it became an inseparable component. It is now easy for businesses to store data and records in laptops for longer period. All the components of laptops, like display screen, speakers, a keyboard or keypad, pointing devices, a processor and memory are integrated into a single unit.
Laptops are useless without power supply and are being accompanied by a battery. It consists of a rechargeable battery or it can be powered directly by electricity from an AC adapter. So, the health of Laptop depends on its battery and to keep a check on battery, laptop battery tester is being used. Expert Chip Tech offers an extensive tester to check your battery capacity. Ignorance of laptop battery health can be suicidal as data will be lost immediately. It is highly advisable to use a battery tester to test your laptop battery with a regular interval and get a lifetime battery.

Data Recovery Course / Basic

  • Hard disk architecture.
  • File Systems - FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HPFS, NFS, NSS, HFS, HFS+, UFS, JFS, NWFS, VxFS, ZFS, ext2, ext3 etc.
  • HDD Backup & restoration.
  • File Recovery..
  • Disk Partition.
  • Logical partition / Extended partition.
  • Disk sector
  • Platters
  • Spindle motors

Data Recovery Course / Advance

  • Logic board of various hdd like desktop / laptop.
  • Physical Data Recovery.
  • Hard Disk damage.
  • PCB Repair and component trace out.
  • Platter replacement / Logic Card Replacement.
  • Partition loss / File deletion.


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