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Hardware & Networking Course

Obtain Hardware & Networking Course at excellent premise of Expert Chiptech

If you have an interest in technology and cellular networking, then a full-fledged profession is ready for you. There is a huge market for mobiles, smart phones, tablets, computers, androids, etc. Almost every individual across the world is using one or another form of gadget. As the product market is huge, same is for the repair and maintenance of these tech items. At, Expert Chiptech, one can get enrolled in Hardware & Networking Course and get introduced to the exciting world of cellular networking.
One can learn several techniques, such as network security, troubleshooting, hardware and networking basics, local area network, WAN, Wired networking concepts, networking access control and so on. Apart from the theory classes, students get the practical lessons too at our excellent laboratories. We have a well maintained and an attractive infrastructure to support all the needs for a perfect training premise. Contact us and get the expected training in the desired course.

Hardrware & Networking Course Syllabus

  • Fundamentals of PC
  • Microprocessor : Intel and AMD)
  • Memory : DDRRAM, RDRAM, SDRAM)
  • Motherboard : Desktop / Laptop
  • Power Supply
  • Hard Disk Drives : IDE and SATA)
  • Bios / Cmos / North Bridge
  • DVD / CD / Blu Ray Drive
  • Operating system installation : Windows Xp , Windows Server , Windows 7 , Windows 8 , Windows 8.1 , Linux etc.
  • Networking Basic Concept
  • Lan / Wan
  • Networking Cable : RJ 11 & RJ 45
  • Networking Device : Hub , Router , Bridge , Modem etc
  • The TCP / IP protocol
  • Network Cards
  • Windows Security
  • Configuration for Windows Server 2003 / 2008
  • DHCP / DNS Management / Active Directory
  • Server Administrator/li>
  • Wireless networking / Access point configuration / CCTV Camera networking


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