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Data Recovery Course

Expert ChipTech Data Recovery Course

Data recovery is an important process and quite needed for collecting a set of datum from any impaired technical device. Data can be stored all kinds of digital devices, such as pen drive, digital camera, laptop, smartphone, compact disc or digital versatile disc. But, the procedure is not as easy as one think. It needs expertise and experience in deriving your lost data from any above technical device. The only comprehensiveness about data recovery is, �as small your device is, soon you can get your lost data�. Data recovery courses can make your job simple and faster. Learn the courses from a premier institute and start your data recovery business.
Expert Chip Tech, a Delhi-based institute renders these courses to their students who wish to succeed in such businesses. Data recovery is a single entity business rather it includes mobile repairing, laptop repairing businesses as well. Get trained in data recovery from the expert tutoring of Expert Chip Tech trainers. An institute for all those students who wish to rise in repairing and maintenance of technical devices get your best learning from here.

Data Recovery Course / Basic

  • Hard disk architecture.
  • File Systems - FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HPFS, NFS, NSS, HFS, HFS+, UFS, JFS, NWFS, VxFS, ZFS, ext2, ext3 etc.
  • HDD Backup & restoration.
  • File Recovery..
  • Disk Partition.
  • Logical partition / Extended partition.
  • Disk sector
  • Platters
  • Spindle motors

Data Recovery Course / Advance

  • Logic board of various hdd like desktop / laptop.
  • Physical Data Recovery.
  • Hard Disk damage.
  • PCB Repair and component trace out.
  • Platter replacement / Logic Card Replacement.
  • Partition loss / File deletion.


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