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Advance Mobile Repairing Course in Delhi

Advance Mobile Repairing Course

Mobile is not only a gadget today, but also performs various imperative functions apart from calling and texting. Applications installed in a smart phone are useful in operating your television or checking sugar level. As these applications are advances, so are it's bugs. To remove the issues occurring in your smartphone or tablet, you must learn advance mobile repairing course. The courses have each module explaining the reasons of bugs and their removal process. So, handling a peer mobile is no more difficult.
The course is brought to you by the efforts of Expert Chip Tech. At the advanced mobile repairing course institute, you get tutoring of expert trainers who have expertise in each module of mobile repairing. Apart from theory classes, you will also get a comprehensive practical training class to make you confident and proficient in the latest smartphone and tablet repairing technologies. The courses distinctively teach for android, blackberry and windows like phones. Delhi located institute offers online courses for those students who are unable to attend the regular classes. Get your advance training and become a professional in mobile repairing.

Advance Mobile Repairing Course / Basic

  • Basics of mobile and electronics.
  • Assembling & disassembling of different types of mobile phones.
  • Uses of various tools & instruments used in advance mobile phone repairing.
  • Details of various components used in mobile phones.
  • GSM & CDMA Structure of Mobile Phone.
  • Android & Windows phone Technology.

Advance Mobile Repairing Course / Hardware

  • Basic Circuit Board / Motherboard Introduction of mobile phones
  • Name / Work of different ICs of latest mobile phone.
  • Soldering & desoldering components
  • Different types Of Section in mobile phone

Advance Mobile Repairing Course / Software

  • Flashing of mobile phones
  • Sim Lock.
  • Andoroid / Windows / I - Phone pattern unlocking.
  • Country lock

Advance Mobile Repairing Course / Advance Troubleshooting

  • Battery charging problems
  • Network problem
  • Display problem
  • Speaker Problem
  • Sim card error
  • Water damage / screen damage
  • Touch screen problem


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