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Advance Laptop Repairing Course Delhi

Advance Laptop Repairing Course

Laptops are advanced devices whose presence is unavoidable in the era of technology. Laptop does numerous jobs for us, it helps in preparing text, accountancy, graphic designing, website designing and many others. You can store a huge archive of data on your laptop. As such laptop is really advantageous and proves to be beneficial in giving us time-saving facilities. But, as the advance is the devices, it issues are equally tedious and tough for novice operators to handle. Virus issues, problems in memory chips or functionless motherboard. Even repairing of servicing of the device is not possible for every user.
To tackle such issues, you need to learn advanced laptop repairing courses and repair your device in hassle free way and without any cost. Expert Chip Tech offers laptop repairing courses, where you come to learn different repairing technology needed to remove the bug. After getting a complete education, you can choose it as a profession as well. Advanced laptop repairing courses is a nice method to earn from your learning. Get the best coaching from the expert trainers at Expert Chip Tech.

Course Syllabus:

Duration 3 Month

Advance Laptop Repairing Course / Basic

  • Introduction of Tablet PC
  • Assembling & Diassembaling of Tablet PC
  • Function and block diagram of Tablet PC
  • Understanding Different motherboard block diagram of Tablet PC

Types Of Operating Systems

  • Android, operating system in tablet
  • 4.0.X ice cream sand wich
  • 3.X.X honey comb
  • 2.3.x ginger bread
  • 2.2 froya
  • iOS 5.1.1
  • iOS 8

Installation / Formatting Of Operating Systems In Tablet PC

  • Factory Resetting
  • Firmware update from sdcard
  • Wipes
  • Upgrading operating system
  • Country lock of operating systems in I-Phone & I- Pad
  • Application installation on tablet pc
  • Pattern lock Unlocking Of Android & IOS

Advance Tablet Pc Repairing

  • Basic Electronics
  • Resistor, Capacitor, Diodes , Inductors, Transformers, Transistors, Cristal.
  • Identify each components, ICs of different method or device.
  • Identify each chip & IC's at tablet pc motherboard.
  • Damaged and ok component Testing Practice.
  • Component checking by analog and digital multi-meter or CRO.
  • Using of DC power Supply.
  • Fault finding of basic electronic components through digital multimeter, oscilloscope and smart SMD tweezers.
  • Understanding motherboard block diagram of Tablet PC
  • Power section of tablet pc
  • Initial failure
  • Charging section
  • Sim section
  • Microphone section
  • Speaker section
  • Bluetooth wifi section
  • Touchscreen section & troubleshooting in tablet pc


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